Meet Your Coach

I'm so glad you're here!

I have been where you are, reading the bios of people who say they have the cure for my frustration and disappointment.  I wanted to believe what they were saying, but I wasn't sure transformation was possible.  By the time I'd hit my mid-forties, I had a graduate degree, a beautiful family, decades of experience in contemplative spiritual practice, professional ministry and non-profit work, and a pervasive sense that I was failing at life.

Stretched thin by the demands of parenting during a pandemic, struggling to support mentally ill family members, and frustrated by my inability to be the person/mom/wife/daughter/employee/etc. I wanted to be, I went out on a limb and joined a coaching program.

I could hardly believe what it opened for me and in me. 

Coaching gave me the tools to live in peace and purpose no matter what circumstances swirled around me.  I actually started to become the person I knew it was possible to be -- confident, compassionate, imperfect and yet convinced of her immeasurable value.  I felt awake to my life and ready for whatever came next.

I am passionate about this work because it has transformed my life.  There is another version of you waiting to be born.  I can help you find YOU.

I coach from a Christian perspective and see everything through the lens of Jesus' love.  But you do not need to be a Christian to work with me; I welcome clients of all backgrounds and beliefs and only expressly reference faith if you so request.

I can't wait to help you encounter the same powerful coaching tools that have set me free.  Why wait?  Your one, beautiful and powerful life is calling.