Hear what my clients have to say...

Lisa is a wonderful sounding board! She is insightful, wise, a good teacher, and she comes from a caring and loving posture that feels safe. After processing a big life goal with Lisa, I saw ways that I self-sabotage and how to course correct. Coaching with Lisa is very affirming and empowering! I highly recommend her to you!!

[ Ruth, VA]

Coaching transforms lives. Ready for transformation? Then, you’ll definitely want Lisa in your life. She brings her whole heart to the experience and will help you get the results you want.

[ Chelle, KS]

Lisa's coaching is so gentle and encouraging. She creates such a safe space for me to share anything. I am always amazed at her intuitiveness to focus in and ask me the questions that bring me to the root of my issue. I keep a pen and paper in hand to jot down the wisdom she shares so I can continue to work and reflect on it more later. What a blessing it has been to have her coach me.

[ Jessica, KY]

Working with Lisa has been an incredible blessing to me. Through her wisdom and gentle guidance, I have been able to dramatically shift my mindset in order to pursue my passion and gifting that God has called me to.

[ Lucia, FL]